Key Issues in This Election

Learn why Scio voters need to restore sane, professional township leadership.

The Election for Supervisor

Supervisor candidate Jillian Kerry is charged with two felonies. Click here for more information about the case STATE OF MICHIGAN v. KERRY. We believe that Jillian Kerry is bad for Scio.

We are lucky to have a highly qualified individual running for Supervisor.


❌Supervisor: Jillian Kerry

The Election for Clerk

We have lost confidence in Jessica Flintoft. Jessica Flintoft joined Scio in 2019 and since that time, we have seen her unwillingness to work with colleagues and the impact of her power-grab on the township finances. Read (here) how Flintoft’s toxic behavior led to Kerry’s email trespassing incident. Jessica Flintoft is NOT a good choice for Scio Township.

We are fortunate to have an outstanding individual running for Clerk:


❌Clerk: Jessica Flintoft

The Election for Trustees

There are three candidates who have shown that they will make Scio Township’s problems worse: David Read, Kathleen Brant, and Kathleen Knol.

There are four candidates who have demonstrated that they will bring civility and professionalism to Scio Township government. Mark Brazeau, Judy Moenck, Charles Nielsen, and John Reiser. Please give them your vote in the August 6 primary election.

✅ Trustees: VOTE FOR Mark Brazeau, Judy Moenck, Charles Nielsen, and John Reiser